Super Hub

FIRST Team 1241 THEORY6 Robotics continues to create opportunities within the community and the country. Mentoring Rookie Teams is one of the team's larger initiatives and something that is held in great esteem within the entire team

Over the last few years FIRST Robotics Canada has worked closely with Veteran teams to find ways to help mentor new teams. As a result FIRST has come up with various support Hub's across Ontario. Team 1241 has been selected as one of the Central GTA Hub locations. Team 1241 is pleased to offer support in multiple ways:

Though Distance Mentoring

  • -Any questions from teams too far away to come by can be assisted by submitting a question which will be directed to the appropriate student lead/ mentor in charge of that aspect of the team.
  • -Skype sessions or Facetime with teams to discuss issues.
  • -Phone conversations to help with any questions which may arise.

Walk-in Center

  • -Teams will have the opportunity throughout the build season and beyond to drop by our school for one on one support.
  • -Help in all areas such as Design, Prototyping, Mechanical, Controls, Electrical, Programming, Awards and Business.
  • -Special events such as Quick Build, Bumper Day and Game Day Scrimmage events.

When does it start?

Officially we will be here to offer assistance as soon as Kickoff commences. Team 1241 will be at the Crescent School Quick Build offering support to rookie teams. Our school will be offering a drop in from Jan 9th-Feb 26th.

Your team must sign up through our sign up link to ensure we have the support available on the date required additional support after build season will be supplied on a need by need basis.

Areas where we can offer support:

Mechanical/ Design

  • -From prototyping to actual build we use a variety of software's such as Autodesk Inventor and Mastercam.
  • -Our engineering mentors can provide data and explanations about systems being used on your robots such as motorized mechanisms and gear boxes. They can explain formulas used to determine appropriate gear ratios needed to control things such as speed and torque
  • -We can help you with the fabrication of your robot. We cannot promise that we will be able to create parts for you but we will help your team to utilize your facilities to its full potential.
  • -Robot inspection to ensure that it will be legal for your first competition.
  • -Controls/ Programming
  • -We have many alumni, students as well as industry mentors willing to help with the electrical installation and programming of your robot.
  • -We can not only help with Java and C++ but help troubleshoot any issues that come up.
  • -Help develop autonomous programming.
  • -Show how to incorporate sensors and pneumatic systems.


  • -Our business side of the team would be happy to show teams how we run our team from structure to event management to food schedules.
  • -Explaining how to put together sponsorship packages for approaching new companies for funding and ideas on how to raise funds
  • -Our team can help you put together a sponsorship presentation to attract and sustain sponsors
  • -We can help your team to leverage resources such as parents and members in the community to make your team run smoother.


  • -Our team applies for all awards FIRST has to offer at events. From the coveted Chairman's Award, Entrepreneurship Award, Deans List and Woodie Flowers, our team of trained students and mentors would be excited to answer any and all questions your team might have!
  • -Our team has received many rubrics from judges and can share what some of the common expectations are for teams to win an award.
  • -Ideas for submissions, videos and team spirit can be provided.
  • -We would be happy to review any award submissions and provide you with feedback to help strengthen ideas, get your outline started, provide you with presentation support and everything else you need to put together an awards submission

Rookie Team Timeline

  • -We will be offering a weekly recommendation to rookie teams about where they should be during the build season.
  • -Email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to receive a timeline emailed to you. We can share our own as well as the tailored one we have used for our rookies in the past.
  • -Bumper day is a great time to check in with us to ensure nothing is going to be overlooked.
  • -There will be a cost to cover materials
  • -Benefits include that the bumpers will have a custom built reinforced frame to ensure they survive the robotics season and are easy to install and look great!
  • -There will be a small cost for materials (ie. pool noodle, wood, bolts, metal

Every aspect of the team is involved with helping Rookie Teams, from Parent Mentors to our entire mechanical, design, controls and business team. There are several ways we aid our rookie teams. Team workshops are for mechanical, design, controls and awards, and all rookie teams are invited to attend. Rookie teams learn about aspects of the team that may not be taught in their own school, as well as strategies we use to ensure we are successful. There are also extra workshops, such as presentations and how to run a team held by the business team. All these are innovative ways to drive other teams on their road to success. Along with teaching them how to design, build, and program their robot, they also get hands-on learning. Rookie teams use Rick Hansen Secondary School's facilities to build their own robots alongside Team 1241. Team 1241 students offer their help with other teams' robots, and teachers also offer their support and knowledge. Rookie teams are not only supported technically and awards wise, but they are also aided financially and have our rookie support team available to them for aid in any aspect of their team around the clock! As a large team, THEORY6 Robotics has a very large and helpful Parent group. This parent group also is offered to rookie teams as some teams lack resources. The rookie teams that partner with Team 1241 help to create the large FIRST family we strive to instill in our community as well as our country. FIRST Team 1241 give back to the community and create sustainability, successfully spreading and upholding the mission of FIRST.