Sub Teams

Mechanical and Design

The Mechanical and Design team consists of approximately 50% of the entire team. This part of the team essentially designs and machines all parts that need to be worked on or are being worked on. Designing the parts to be machined are done on a CAD program, specifically Inventor. These two sub-teams are divided into three more subgroups for the purpose of keeping organized and efficient. All groups are led by students on the team, as well as a mentor partnering with them. The three groups have different initiatives: one is in charge of developing the 2013 drive train and the chassis design. Another is in charge of the tool/manipulator. Lastly, the third group focuses on the end game. All groups participate in the designing of the parts, as well as the machining. A lot of students on this team have had previous experience with the CAD programs and with the wide variety of machines in the shop through focused technology courses at Rick Hansen Secondary School. Some courses, to name a few, are Computer Design, Manufacturing, Mechanical Engineering, and many more. Though, it is not necessary to have experience to be on the team, and many students learn the skills by being on the team itself, and attending workshops and tutorial days. All three divided groups are required to attend on separate days to complete their part, as it prevents crowding the workspace, also making it safer. A lot of practice for build season has been completed, such as fixing previous robots and nothing down mistakes. This avoids making the same mistakes for future robots and continually improving. Previous robots have also been used for their rapid prototyping machine to make standard parts. These can be used everywhere, such as encoder and camera mounts. Mechanical and Design's next steps are to plan for next year's robot and to continue teaching students about FRC and spreading the opportunities and knowledge of FIRST.


The electrical team is in charge of researching, presenting and buying new peripherals, such as digital and analog sensors, for the robot that would provide an advantage to the team while playing the game. The team is also in charge of neatly wiring the robot, thus ensuring each and every electrical component is working and is wired correctly. On top of that, the team is also in charge of mounting holes and brackets for all the sensors so that they can be properly attached on to the robot. The team is also in charge of creating a driver station that is compact, light and user friendly for the drive team to use. This driver station must be able to accomplish all the tasks required by the drive team. They are also responsible for a creating a battery cart that can be used during the competitions to quickly and effectively charge robot batteries. This team works very closely with the design, mechanical and programming team. Most students on the team also take the computer engineering course offered by the school thus they already have many of the skills required such as using a soldering iron or a wire stripper. However, it is not necessary to have prior knowledge as most of the students develop these skills after joining the team especially with the help of the mentors.


The programming team is in charge of ensuring the robot is able to efficiently perform the required tasks that were determined by the team at the beginning of the season. The team must develop the code/logic that can be used by the robot in order for it to be able to perform these tasks. The team must first learn how each of the sensors work and how to use them, so that they can be implemented into the code. On top of that, they are also responsible for testing and debugging all of the peripherals. Tthe team must also develop code for the driver station so that all the joysticks, buttons, dials etc. are able to communicate with the robot allowing the drivers to control the robot during the tele-operated period. This team works very closely with the electrical team. Furthermore, the team must also design autonomous routines and use the sensors to develop code which would allow the robot to perform certain tasks on its own, without the assistance of the drivers, during the autonomous/hybrid period of the game. Some of the students in this team also take the computer science program offered by the school so they already have some of the knowledge required for this team. However, it is not mandatory for all the students to take this course as the programming language being used by the team during that season may not be taught in the course. Therefore, the students develop the required skills and familiarize themselves with the platform during the off season.


The business team is a group of roughly 15 students and mentors aimed at managing FIRST Team 1241 THEORY6 Robotics as a whole. Think of the business team as the glue of the team. They ensure that Team 1241 runs smoothly and that everything runs without a hitch. In subgroups and as individuals, the administration team works on presentations, running and planning different workshops and activities, presenting to different schools and members of the team, and so much more. The team also works with budget, trying to keep track of spending costs while getting as much as possible for the team. This team is a vital part to the entire robotics team. This subgroup gains sponsors to support THEORY6 and they also take care of media appearances, which help our team spread the message of FIRST: to inspire and recognize children with a passion for science and technology. This sub-team takes care of marketing the entire team; for example, getting the team's name out into the public and broadcasting what our team is and what it means to be a part of FIRST. The business team is the spirit of the entire team. There is a sub-team within the business team called "Spirit". It is Spirit's job to raise awareness and spirit within Team 1241 and within the community. From flash mobs to just making eye catching posters, everyone gets into the groove and spirit of FIRST. The spirit team encourages everyone to have fun, while working hard.