New To Country (NTC) Program

We are FIRST Team 1241 - THEORY6 from Rick Hansen Secondary School. We strive to be agents of change and change culture. Our team promotes diversity through our New to Country Program for immigrant students through peer mentorship. The New to Country Program allows immigrants to be involved and engaged in FIRST which will strengthen relationships and the community. We are currently working on a partnership with the Welcome Centre of Peel to integrate new immigrations—students and parents into Peel. Our parent handbooks in multi-language to assist parents to better understand our role in helping their children. We have also translated our parent handbooks into Arabic and Mandarin to help new immigrants understand FIRST Robotics and the structure of our team. This not only benefits students but their parents as well.

In the future, we plan on having the information needed for new immigrants in more languages to provide them with a sense of community. We want to develop a formula with FIRST to give to other teams to access ports of entry and introduce new immigrants to FIRST robotics and STEM. This would fast-track their assimilation to a new culture.


Through inclusiveness, bridge the diversity gap and ensure new immigrants understand the culture and education system while bringing awareness of FIRST and inspiring cultural shift.