Library Program

THEORY6 strives to bring the experience of FIRST robotics to all, so that anyone is able to achieve growth as part of our FIRST family. One step we have taken towards this goal is the Library initiative. In collaboration with the Central Library of Mississauga, FIRST Team 1241 THEORY6 Robotics has developed and executed a curriculum designed to help kids from ages 5-12 gain an active experience in Science, Technology, and Engineering.

Started from December of 2011, we can proudly say that this is one of our fastest growing programs with over 100 kids weekly. The curriculum, which can be found online on FIRST Canada website, helps to develop core essential intrapersonal skills as well as awakening their technological consciousness. This means that while they learn about mechanical structures, controls systems, and design processes, they also develop transferable skills such as communication, team work/collaboration, public speaking, and leadership skills. With all that robotics has to offer, this program can be helpful to anyone who is willing to learn.


  • create opportunities for libraries and communities to be involved in STEM and 21st century learning Programs (STEAM)
  • students gain leadership, teamwork, communications, presentation, organizational, management and networking skills while building confidence and become difference makers
  • spread awareness, inspire and impact our community

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