FIRST is about more than just building robots; it is about changing the culture in which we live. Team 1241's aspires to be a difference makers within our community and the world by spreading the message of FIRST. By collaborating with others, we strive to inspire everyone by teaching valuable FIRST concepts such as STEM. We strives to be agents of change in everything we do and for everyone we meet. Our mission is to help transform students into engineers, and engineers into heroes.

Our students, alumni, industry mentors, teachers and parents work year around on initiatives that help spread the message of FIRST while inspiring anyone they touch. Some of our major initiatives are below:

  • -Library Program
  • -FIRST Badge Program
  • -New to Country Program
  • -Super Hub

    • Drayage Facilities

      As FIRST Team 1241 THEORY6 Robotics continually gives back to the community, we wanted to create the ability for international teams to be able to attend regionals close to home. In a way to help them compete at regionals, we offer our facilities to hold their robot in after build season. We ship the robot to the regional they want to attend, thus creating opportunities for all teams to enjoy competing and experience the hardest fun ever.

      Food and Toy Drive

      FIRST Team 1241 THEORY6 Robotics is very dedicated to the idea of giving back to society. In previous years, we have partnered with both the Salvation Army as well as the starlight foundation to help the less fortunate in our community. Together, we raised 80 cans and over 40 boxes of non-perishable foods for our local food banks! FIRST Team 1241 is very grateful to have a great community that supports us in everything we do, from showing up to events to promoting FIRST and the team. In a way to give back, we help throughout the year. The food drive is only the first step. For example, we also worked to provide children with toys. Throughout our team and school, we collected toys to provide under-privileged children with. We remember that a community is like a family, and in this family, we give and we get. FIRST Team 1241 is adamant in giving back to the community.

      Quick Build Session

      The Inaugural Quick Build session run by FIRST Canada was to to help 12 Rookie Teams build the basic robot from scratch including gear boxes, robot frame, control system, driver station, basically the whole robot from scratch! This took place right after the 2012-13 FRC Kick-Off that took place at the Ontario Science Centre. Most rookie teams struggle where to start and this was an excellent way to help quick start them and get those teams weeks ahead in the build season. Team Leads from FIRST Team 1241 along with National Instruments led the Programming Sessions, while FIRST Team 610 led the Electronics & Frame Assembly. FIRST Team 1241 had many students and mentors working with the rookie teams. Rookie teams in attendance: 4039, 4618, 4595, 4718, 4476, 4704, 4525, 4152, 4658, 4777, 4808, and 3560. FIRST Team 1241 is mentoring the following rookie teams: St. Marcellinus SS, Hill Academy, Port Credit, Chingcousy, and they were all present at the Quick Build Session. Team 1241 has been contributing to date to the Quick Build since its inception in 2013.

      Starlight Foundation

      FIRST Team 1241 THEORY6 Robotics has teamed up with the Starlight Foundation that helps to donate toys and money to children in need. Team 1241 has been completing this initiative for several years consecutively around winter holidays. The Starlight Foundation helps the lives of Canadian children who live and face serious illnesses as well as life threatening injuries. It is said, "What makes us unique is that we are there for the entire journey-from the emergency room to recovery." The reasons toys are donated to these children are because everyone deserves to smile. In a world where all they feel is dread, happiness is hard to come by. Happiness, laughter and fun are all just as important in a sick child's life as their well-being. To spread joy to the children this year they got to write letters to Santa and meet him as well as build gingerbread houses! While they're in the hospital and their moods are dull, they are given fun kids depending on age to life their spirits. They receive things like colouring books, cuddle toys, puzzles, etc. For their entertainment, since they are not as physically capable of doing certain activities, they are given televisions and video games to pass time and to give them company. Fun rooms are provided as a place to help relax the pediatric patients which includes arts and crafts as well as interacting with other children. THEORY6 has helped the Starlight Foundation by sponsoring a family in need; we would receive a wish list of toys and assign this task to the team to purchase toys or to bring in money. With the money collected, members of our team would go out and try to buy as many toys remaining on the list to make the family as happy as possible before Christmas. The community gives so much to FIRST and this team, and it is felt that the team should give back the community and help those in need. This is especially important to THEORY6 Robotics.

      FLL Provincials

      Ontario's best LEGO building students aged 9-14 will compete at the FIRST LEGO League Ontario Provincial Championship at UOIT and Waterloo. Competing teams will have already bested their local competition by qualifying at one of 16 regional tournaments across the province. The province's best will meet here for a chance to be crowned Ontario's best FLL team, and for a chance to compete at the World Championships in St. Louis, Missouri or at one of the International Open Championships (held this year in Germany, Florida, and California). Each year 1241 has a display of their FRC robot at this event!