What is FLL?

FLL is a FIRST Program that focuses on children 9-14 years old. It is designed to get children interested and involved in science and technology through the fun and intuitive platform of "Lego Mind Storms". Teams of up to 10 people build a fully autonomous Lego robot that compete mini-challenges on flat playing surfaces. (Autonomous: it must make decisions completely by itself, with little to no driver input.) But that's not all FLL has to offer! Kids who compete in FLL will also have to create a project that is based around the theme that changes every year with challenging features, and will have to represent the core values of FLL such as teamwork and gracious professionalism. http://www.firstroboticscanada.org/main/fll/

How do I start a Team?

Starting and coaching an FLL team can definitely be one of the most rewarding, yet challenging things you do in your life. Before starting an FLL team it is encouraged that you have the ability to provide a fulltime commitment of 5-20 hours a week, at the very least. The cream-of-the-crop teams will be spending at least 3-4 hours a day working on their FLL creations. Next, ensure that you can provide a workspace for your team to work in. This could be a school classroom, a library, a murky basement, or even outside!

Expect to be spending around 800-1200$ on your FLL team. But don't fear! If you can't come up with funds there are literally thousands of people and organizations willing to help. Especially us! Give us a call any time if you need any mentorship/technical assistance.

If you are interested in starting an FLL team we would highly recommend that you get the information from the source and visit the FLL website http://firstlegoleague.org/challenge/startateam

Still have questions?

This team would happily answer anything that is not provided on the FLL website. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Team 1241 – FLL Community Teams

2012-13: 2 Community Teams

In 2012-13 team 1241 partnered with the Mississauga central library in order to create two community FLL teams. The results were 2793 "Robo-Sauga" and 15775 the "Robo-Bros". Lead by our teams brightest and best, and operating in a reading room in the basement of the Mississauga library, the team set out for success. Robo-Sauga and Robo-Bros spent hours working in the basement of the Mississauga library, to as late as 9:00 p.m. They erected their robot, constructed their project board, and exemplified core values to the highest extent. By the time competition came, both teams performed surprisingly well. Robo-Sauga competed at the Rick Hansen Secondary School Qualifier, where they had achieved the 3rd highest robot score overall. Their lead mentor, Nathaniel Milani, also received the "Youth Mentor of the Year" award. Robo-Bros competed at the Tomken Regional, where they managed to place 4th overall during the qualifying rounds in only their rookie year!

2013-14: 3 FLL Community Teams

In 2013-14 year, we had 3 FLL Teams of which 1 was a veteran from 2012. Team "Alarm-o-Bots" won the Project Presentation Award and was mentored by Neil B. and Hisha Javeri. Neil also won the Young Mentors Award that year

2014-15: 6 FLL Community Teams

In 2014-15 year, we had 6 teams of which 3 were veteran teams from past year. This year 1 team "the Mind Crafters" qualified for Ontario Provincials and were mentored by Neil B. and Hisha Javeri, while another team "Brianacs " won the Project Presentation Award – mentored by Sayanthan and Tanvir. Dimple Malhotra – the coach also won the coaches Award. Manhar Brar who mentored a new rookie team also won the Mentor Award that year.

2015-16: 4 FLL Community Teams

In 2015-16 year we have 4 FLL teams with 3 veteran teams with one qualifying for the Ontario Provincials (Inno-Trash) mentored by Neil B.

If you want to get your son or daughter involved in this wonderful opportunity please contact us @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.