FIRST Team 1241 – Team Hansen Experience of Robotic Youth (THEORY6) began as an initiative between Rick Hansen Secondary School (RHSS) and General Motors of Canada in 2003. At this point it was just dreams of making it in the big leagues with the legends of FIRST. This partnership was the creation of THEORY6, which has grown over the years to become one of the largest endeavours at Rick Hansen.

The idea of a robotics team instantly ignited the passion of students and teachers who were enthusiastic about Science and Technology. This was a new beginning for the school, showing that there were not only athletes who could compete in physical challenges, but also mental ones.

Over the course of THEORY6's first season, 2004, in the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC), we travelled to Michigan for the Great Lakes Regional, the Greater Toronto Regional and the World Championships in Atlanta, GA. The team won the hearts of the competitors and judges alike, showing that while they were rookies, they knew how to compete at the highest level of competition by winning the Rookie All-Star and Rookie Inspiration awards. The crowning glory was winning the Daimler Chrysler Spirit Award at the World Championships, paving the way for the team's future.

Following up our success in our rookie year, THEORY6 decided to participate in the new Canadian regional hosted at the University of Waterloo and our home regional in Toronto. At Waterloo, we partnered with one of the teams we faced in our rookie season, FIRST Team 68 – Truck Town Thunder, and FIRST Team 1305 – Ice Cubed, and claimed our first regional victory with strong solid defensive effort. At home for the Greater Toronto Regional, we won FIRST's most prestigious award in our second year, taking home the coveted Chairman's award. The World Championships were a difficult challenge; after which we began to rethink our strategy for the next year in FIRST.

After performing strongly in our first two years, THEORY6 decided to attend at the Arizona Regional, where we lost closely in the regional Finals. Complementing our performance, we also took home the Engineering Inspiration award qualifying us for the World Championships. At home in Toronto, we were the recipients of the General Motors Industrial Design award. After a hectic time at the World Championships, we returned to the drawing board to plan for the coming years.

In 2007, we reached the finals at the Greater Toronto Regional with FIRST Team 854 – Iron Bear and FIRST Team 1305 – Ice Cubed, losing by inches as we failed to gather adequate end game points in third finals match, where we also won the Delphi Driving Tomorrows Technology award. The following year was when THEORY6 faced many difficulties, with quick losses in the elimination rounds at both regional competitions. Following this performance, THEORY6 decided to redouble their energies towards success and created one of the most impressive robots for Lunacy.

THEORY6 approached the new FIRST challenge, Lunacy, with a calm and collected approach. THEORY6 developed and implemented an autonomous tracking system, along with an adaptive traction control system to smoothly control our robot in the low traction environment. During the season, we won the Imagery award for proudly representing our team and FIRST through our robot and students. Continuing on with our performance from 2009, 2010 we were rewarded with another Imagery award win, along with the Woodie Flowers award being presented to our founding Teacher and Mentor, Mr. John Hobbins.

With months of dedication poured into THEORY6; the students, teachers, mentors and parents were able to reap the rewards in the 2011 FRC, Logo-Motion. Travelling to three regional competitions, THEORY6 captured the Engineering Inspiration award at the GTR East Regional and finished as finalists at the Buckeye Regional with FIRST Team 781 – the Kinetic Knights and FIRST Team 1126 – SparX, we felt back on track for a successful run at the World Championships, held for the first time in St Louis, MO. In the Curie division, facing a variety of veteran powerhouses and inspirational rookie teams, THEORY6 was able to power through the qualification rounds with an undefeated record at the Championship event, and ended up as first ranked team in the division. The success achieved at the Championship event left THEORY6 hungry for more and showed the same passion that drove us to success in our initial years in the FIRST Robotics Competition.

In the 2012 season THEORY 6 wanted to prove themselves on the world stage. We worked with charities to give back to the community through a toy and food drive. We started a library program with the Mississauga Central library to provide two weekly robotics workshops year round for over 80 children aged 5 to 12, free of charge for all. This progressed quickly into starting two community FLL teams fully mentored and supported by FIRST Team 1241. We were featured on CityTV's breakfast television and CityTV visited our school to feature our robotics program on their show "LiveEye"! We were also been featured in Mississauga News, OMNI News, & in the Snap Mississauga newspaper as we continue to increase awareness for FIRST Canada-wide! We have given presentations at the Peel District School to garner support for Robotics in Mississauga and Brampton. The Mississauga City Council was most supportive in helping us deliver a televised presentation to the city council to about 700,000 people. Mayor McCallion, City counsellors and MP Bob Delaney actively participate in a majority of our events while promoting FIRST and its vision in council meetings and legislative assembly. We competed at the GTR-E Regional, the Buckeye Regional and the GTR-W Regional where we won the Chairman's award for a ride to the World Championships in St. Louis, Missouri. Playing in the Newton division ranking 41 out of 100! This was an exciting and fun filled experience for everyone involved and because of the support we had from the City of Mississauga, as well as our sponsors such as GM, we were able to take the entire team with us! We were very fortunate for this season being a great one. Our lead mentor for 1241 since its inception in 2003 Mr. Hobbins was invited to become an FRC Director of Canada for the present year and though we miss him as our lead mentor we were fortunate enough to learn a lot from him and are continuing the 1241 legacy successfully.

To date, THEORY6 has won several Chairman's, Entrepreneurship and Engineering Inspiration awards including the World Championship Award in 2013.

THEORY6 has 5 Dean's List winners and 3 Woodie Flowers Winners over the past 5 years.